Audit Logger's Docs

Command Guide

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✅ 1: Setting up the logging channel

The first step is to set up the channel where the bot will send the logs. To do that, use the following command in the desired channel: /logging set-channel

🚀 2: Starting the logging

Once you've set up the logging channel, you can start the logging process by using the following command: /logging start
Starting logging isn't necessary, when you setup a logging channel logging automatically starts.

❌ 3: Stopping the logging

If you want to stop the logging process at any time, you can use the following command: /logging stop

📜 4: Viewing the logging events

To view the current state of logging events and whether they are enabled or disabled, use the following command: /logging list

🔧 5: Enabling or disabling logging events

You can enable or disable logging events using the following command: /logging edit

🙈 6: Ignoring channels

If there are channels that you don't want to log, you can add them to the ignore list using the following command: /logging ignore add

👀7: Viewing the ignored channels

To view the list of ignored channels, use the following command: /logging ignore list

🔄 8: Removing a channel from ignore list

If you want to remove a channel from the ignore list, use the following command: /logging ignore remove

🗑️ 9: Resetting the ignore list

If you want to reset the ignore list, use the following command: /logging ignore reset

📖 10: Getting help

If you need help with any of the commands, use the following command: /help

📚 11: Accessing the bot guides

To access the bot guides, use the following command: /guide

🤖 12: Getting bot information

To get information about the bot, use the following command: /botinfo

🗳️ 13: Voting for the bot

If you like the bot and want to support it, you can vote for it using the following command: /vote

📣 14: Giving suggestions

If you have any suggestions for the bot, use the following command: /suggest